Pro waffle maker Krampouz 90°


Footprints choice

Disassembled in seconds - without tools

Additional horseshoes can

Professional Waffle Krampouz

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This waffle Krampouz 90 is extremely easy to clean after use.

His system "Pack resistance" patented by the manufacturer is a real innovation.

It can be dismantled in seconds without any tools.

Cleaning will be just a breeze.

Tea recovers waste cooking.

The levers for opening and closing of irons are well insulated.

Footprints choice.

Opportunity to acquire additional sets of irons.

Height 230 mm

Width 315 mm

Length 260 mm

1800W Power (4x5B - 4x6B - 4x7L), 1400W (4x7B - 4x5L - 4x6L)

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1 pike waffle 1 brush 1 wire brush Waffle accessory

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