Stainless steel pots



4 pots with lids,

18/10 stainless steel quality

Induction, electricity, gas

Flared up on all around

Pots with lids

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This set of four pots with lids is all stainless steel 18/10.

All kettles are flared at the top around the larger diameter to ensure the pouring edge function.

They accept all types of energy, induction, gas and electricity.

This set is fairly lightweight and easy to handle since the total weight of all is 9 kg.

Below, here are the details of dimensions, these four pots with lid,

8.0 liters, Ø 24 cm, height 20.0 cm,

9.0 liters, Ø 26 cm, height 20.5 cm,

13.0 liters, Ø 28 cm, height 22.5 cm,

15.0 liters, Ø 30 cm, height 25.0 cm.