Professional roasting jack


Easy to clean


Access to indoor facility

Many accessories

Perfectly homogeneous and well grilled cooking

Spinning like a satellite


Electric motor

Spit - roaster

3 sizes available

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This roasting jack retains the flavors of cooking over a wood fire. It is used in primarily collective, local events and festivities.

The frame is enveloped by a stainless steel casing and supported by 4 feet.

2 shelves and a horizontal support for accessories makes the work of the cook.

He roasts a big single room like a lamb or wild boar.

For cooking poultry and hams, spears can be hung on the triangular supports for the left turn on themselves while spinning like a satellite around the Earth.

This produces a perfectly homogeneous and well grilled cooking all around.

Each lance may be inserted or removed separately for easy service.

Many come with accessories like an electric panel, rotary screen, a special grill fish.

Access to the interior is facilitated thanks to the full opening of its front door.

The pan on one side is lateral and must be added to the timber as and according to nécessicité embers already made.

The pan provided with two lateral handles is supported above a transverse ash container.

The juices can then be collected to water the food during cooking.

Two side handles allow easy movement of the whole.

This material is easy to clean and quality.

The rotisserie motor must be supplied with 220 Volts with a power of 12 W to 2 rpm.

The model 70 cm, ref. BRESC541 has 6 lances 66 cm long. It is recommended for 20-25 servings. It measures 70x44x81h cm and weighs 16kg.

The model 100 cm, ref. BRESC542 has 6 lances 47 cm long. It is recommended for 30-35 servings. It measures 100x44x81h cm and weighs 25kg.

The model 120 cm, ref. BRESC544 has 6 lances 57 cm long. It is recommended for 50-55 servings. It measures 120x55x81h cm and weighs 38,5kg.


Made in Italia