Roasting jack motorized for fireplace


Electric roasting jack for fireplace

pins satellites

long central pin

3 sizes

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This electric rosting jack for fireplace is provided with side supports to insert 1 central pins plus 4 pins satellite.

The stainless steel dripping pan is placed on the base below the pin to collect the drippings.

It is easy to clean.

220V electric motor performs 2 revolutions per minute.

Pins made of stainless steel, are fine with a triangular profile. They function as satellites, like the earth turning on itself at the same time as around the sun.

All these pins rotate on themselves along the central pin rotates. The weight and maintaining food is distributed for even cooking.

Each pin is also removable and can be inserted individually to facilitate servicing.

Size 50 cm is recommended for portions 9 -11 - Total length 75 cm

Size 70 cm is recommended for portions 12 -20 - Total length 95 cm

Size 100 cm is recommended for portions 22-25 - Total length 125 cm


Made in Italia