Roasting jack motorized for fireplace



Electric roasting jack for fireplace

pins satellites

long central pin

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This electric spit for chimney is supplied with lateral supports allowing to insert 1 central pin plus 4 satellite pins.

The stainless steel frying pan is placed on the base below the spit to collect the cooking juices.

It is easy to clean.

The 220V electric motor performs 2 revolutions per minute.

The spades made of stainless steel, are fine with a triangular profile.

They function like satellites, like the earth turning on itself as well as around the sun.

All these spears turn on themselves as the spindle turns. The weight and the maintenance of the food is well distributed for a homogeneous cooking.

Each lance is also removable and can be inserted individually to facilitate the service.

Size 70 cm is recommended for 12 -20 servings -

Total length 95 cm

Made in Italia