Big Ben Potato Oven Accessories



Stable and comprehensive work plan.

Front black awning easy to install.

Bath 4 containers of 6 liters each.

Tray keeps cool.

Counter equipped for potatoes station.

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This integrated food stand consists of a worktop / countertop made of stainless steel, a bath, a holding container in cool, a black canopy of polyethylene.

It protects the counter weather and insulates the operator of the customer.

The bath has 4 containers of 6 liters each.

It runs on propane gas bottle.

Its consumption is 270 g / hour maximum power.

The cold storage container is divided into separate compartments. (Cream, bacon, salads, sauces)

The structure is completely removable for quick storage.

The work plan is stainless steel, it is simply placed on the structure.

The black polyethylene canopy mask the underside of the countertop to accommodate gas bottle, victuals and storage space.

A marquee of white and green brand can be ordered extra.

There needs no tools for assembly.

Its dimensions: 163 x 60 x H 118 cm


Made in England