Oven electric station potatoes



Unique in it's genre

30 potatoes

Double bath

Thermostatic regulator

Glass Display Screen

Oven, heater, water bath

Electric potato post

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This oven potatoes is unique on the market.

It can hold 30 cooked potatoes and can produce 15 per hour.

His superior lit heater contains 15 more ready to serve.

On the top there is a double bath three-liter capacity to keep warm the delicious toppings or hot sauces.

You can choose the finish of stainless steel or in a choice of colors.

This device compact size is ideal for small businesses or where space is limited

It consumes only 2 kilowatts, is equipped with a thermostatic regulator.

Its footprint is 41 cm x 45 cm and inside we find a deep tray.

To maximize marketing your products, this potato station is provided with display screen menu in the glass, and decorated with an attractive pattern.

Installed directly on a bar counter or back room, it is ideal for cafes, bakeries, cafeterias, stores, pubs and snack bars.


Voltage 220-230 volts

Oven power: 1500 watts, holding furnace: 515 watts

Depth 450 mm

Weight 35 kg

Width 410 mm

Screen height 720 mm

Height 380 mm

15 capacity in maintaining hot compartment

Capacity 15 x 250 gr in cooking compartment


Made in England