Giant potatoes oven




May be incorporated into existing trolleys

230 potatoes

Stainless steel thick

Fronts resistant drawer

Gas oven

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This versatile oven is useful for cooking not only potatoes, but also pizza, burgers, flat crust, sausage.

Static, it can be used as a standalone unit or incorporated into existing trucks in restoration or type of trailer trucks.

This is an ideal alternative to barbecue outside your establishment.

It holds up to 230 potatoes to a large area of ​​keeping warm, bake in 150 on time and keep warm 80 ready to serve.

Its interior is stainless steel thick, it is fully insulated to maximize security and performance, it contains three large capacity baking trays, with simplified loading, stainless steel.

On the front, there are three drawers resistant and insulated to stay cool to the touch.

Its various finishes are lacquer enamel and textured.

3 large capacity baking trays, in simplified loading, stainless steel

Large area of ​​keeping hot stainless steel to 80 potato

Drawer Fronts resistant and cool to the touch


Grand efficient gas burner 60K BTU / h

thermostatically controlled up to 350ºC

baking capacity: 150 Potato 250 grams

versatile use

Ideal as BBQ (it cooks faster and better than a barbecue)

Technically, it has all the CE, ETL and CSA contains a large gas burner efficient 60K BTU / h and has a thermostatically controlled up to 350º Celsius.


Depth 970 mm

Weight 250 kg

Width 800 mm

Height 1750 mm

Propane gas

Capacity 150 x 250 g / batch + 80 in the holding compartment warm

Consumption 1.2 kg / h max

Time 1 hour cooking


Made in England