Electric oven potatoes



85 potatoes

4 resistors long term

Even cooking

Electric oven potatoes

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This rustic-inspired 1900s oven is built for the harshest conditions to resist permanent use all day long.

Traditional, black lacquer finish model with solid brass embellishments, we also comes from Great Britain with CE certification.

It is capable of holding a large capacity of 85 potatoes, allowing to cook 45 per hour, and to keep warm 40 ready to serve.

Four long-term low power consumption resistors heat the living room of the oven regularly to ensure even cooking without requiring the rotation of potatoes.

The interior is stainless steel for easy cleaning and ensure sustainability. Its fully insulated to maximize performance. It has three removable deep baking trays.

Its footprint is 47 cm x 55 cm.


Capacity 85 potatoes

Capacity 45 x 250 g + 40 in the heater

Height 820 mm

Width 470 mm

Weight 62 kg

Depth 550 mm

Power 2000 Watts

Voltage 230 volts 


Made in England