Gas potatoes oven




Interior or exterior

Cooking to perfection

45 potatoes 250 grams

Gas oven potatoes


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Oven potatoes traditional high-capacity ground.

The gas cylinder heating can work in any indoor or outdoor places independently.

This device is ideal for traveling to events and outside catering.

Its profitability exceeds 45 potatoes per hour, cooked to perfection, keeping warm 40 potatoes already cooked.

Device of choice itinerant restaurateurs, it is a device that has its place in catering trailers.

It has solid cast iron doors with brass embellishments and finishing in green or black.

This oven works by simply placing the three trays 45 potato 250 grams, ready about an hour later.

These interiors are stainless steel, its footprint is 47 cm x 65 cm.

CE approved, as required for all gas appliances, is sold throughout Europe.


Depth 650 mm

Weight 70 kg

Width 470 mm

Height 820 mm

Propane gas

Capacity 45 x 250 g + 40 in the heater

Capacity 85 potatoes

Power 3800 Watts


Made in England