Crepe maker gas faucet confort + 4h/day


Diameter 40 cm or 48 cm
Food butane, propane, natural (jets supplied)
Manual valves for temperature control.
As a gas cooker
Ignition electronic push button
Hob machined
Stainless steel frame
Large diameter burner with 8 branches
Combustion chamber of the well insulated burner
For durations of use> 4 hours / day.

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430,00 €

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The temperature of this professional crepe maker Krampouz, is uniform and constant over the entire surface of bilig and regular all the time of use.
The burner combustion chamber is well insulated to avoid overheating.
Its burner is provided with a large diameter burner 8-arm, which improves. Very robust, it is made entirely of steel.
Its frame is stainless steel, and easy maintenance. His hob or bilig is machined from cast steel.
The temperature is adjusted by a valve and the ignition of the burner is carried out by an electronic pushbutton Piezzo.
The gas connection must be made by standardized and flexible diet is to provide the propane Butane or natural gas.

Diameter 40 cm or 48 cm
Height 190 mm
Weight 16 kg
Power 7500 Watts

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