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Advanced technology

Automatic thermostat

Power saving

Griddle range comfort


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All crepe maker Krampouz and especially this professional electric model are equipped with advanced technology enabling them to obtain a constant and uniform temperature on the bilig and that for the duration of use.

1 or 3 electrical resistances are embedded beneath the bilig, disposed serpentine perfectly distributing heat.

On this model the isolation of this resistance is strengthened.

The thermostatic control is made automatically by thermostat and may be set from 50 to 300 ° Celsius.

The frame is protected from spillages with stainless steel bandage easy to clean, the hob is machined cast iron. Heating indicator, thermostat on off three plastic feet and power cord are also present on this model as well as a power indicator.

The voltage may be 220 or 380 volts depending on model and there is also possibility to acquire different diameters. To be specified in the diameter voltage box below the price.

The comfort range is expected for more than 4 hours per day uses.

Its power is 3000-4800 watts.

Diameter 40 cm ou 48 cm

Height  170 ou 190 mm

Weight 22 ou 25 kg

Power 3600 ou 4800 watts

Voltage 230 ou 380 volt

Made in French

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