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This is a first crepe maker Krampouz range.

The temperature of the griddle Krampouz is uniform over the entire surface and constant throughout the duration of use.

Its burner is made of steel, large diameter with 6 branches.

The frame is stainless steel and cast bilig machined steel.

The temperature control valve is not equipped with a thermocouple safety. It is intended for outdoor use.

It must be supplied with butane or propane gas.

Its connection to the gas supply is standard.

Three small stainless steel feet underneath the griddle ensure stability.

Krampouz is a French brand of international renown, its products are recognized by most professionals.

Diameter 40 cm

Height 185 mm

Weight 15 kg

Power 6 kilowatts


Made in French

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Kit paste spreading crepe cooker Krampouz 40 cm


 Abrasive stone for the maintenance of bilig