Pop-corn machin metropolitan popper


113 portions / hour

Tempered glass panels

Cleaning drawer

Heated room

Small kettle

Popcorn machine

Benchmark Metropolitan

Screening rooms

Home cinema

mobile cinema

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Inspired by the art deco architecture of the late 1920s and 1930s, this machine popcorn is ideal for small film screening rooms and home cinema.

Its design allows it to be placed against a wall to save space while providing an attractive visual impact.

The stand allows to store all the supplies for making popcorn.

This poppers cabin professional feature an aluminum box or one poses the manufacture of products.

A small kettle anodized aluminum for easy cleaning.

A heated chamber keeps the popcorn ready to eat for hours.

A cleaning drawer removes unpopped kernels.

The panels are made of tempered glass.

The outer floor and ceiling are made of stainless steel.

Power 1200 W

Cabin poppers weight 24 kg, medium: 21 kg

Length 47 cm

Width 36 cm

Cabin height: 67 cm, with bracket: 81 cm

Capacity 113 portions / hour

220 V voltage

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