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he cooked the cake

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This unit to cook the cake enjoys the recent innovation of technology "package resistance" of Krampouz factory.

Specifically the heat insulation resistance.

This is the insurance to manufacture its products with a device that perfectly and evenly distributes heat across the surface.

Specifically adjustable thermostatic resistance of 50 ° to 300 ° Celsius.

Its frame is stainless steel.

His irons cast steel are certified food.
control levers are protected from the heat.

Tea recovers waste.

The power switch is integrated in the control knob.

CE approved, it comes with the power cord 230V, 16 Amp.


Power 1800 watt

Weight 23 kg

Length 260 mm

The impressions (Irons): 230 x 230 mm

Width 345 mm

Height 220 mm

Capacity 1 patty

Voltage 230 volts


Made in French