Industrial gas burner


For containers of 60 to 90 cm

Capacity of 200 to 500 liters

31 Kw

Authorized for inside

Unique in the world

Industrial gas burner

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590,00 €

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Many other industries are admiring as it is spectacular.

There is nothing of that market power with natural gas.

Industrial burner

The most powerful of the market in its sector.

Unique in the world.

Patented burner

Double stabilizing and compensating chamber of the gas-air mixture.

Direct and rapid heat.


Approved for indoor

Safety valve with thermocouple.

Available models

M400 Propane, able only to propane at 50 mbar.

M400 Gas, suitable only for natural gas at 20 mbar.


Resistant structure with removable support legs and adjustable legs to the base.

Maximum power of 31 KW.

Recommended diameter pan, 60 to 90 cm. Capacity 200-500 l.


  Gas used Working pressureKw  / Kcal/h Consumption supply valves 
M400G20Natural gas20 mbar31  / 26.7843,28 m³/h 1
M400G30Propane50 mbar 31  / 26.784 2,41 kg/h 1

Industrial burner should be handled by professionals for use in exterior or interior perfectly ventilated. Do not use the burner for a gas for which it was not designed.

Pressure regulator fixed Propane bottle

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1,50m length Mechanical coupling nut Domestic flexible Butane and propane

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