Light heating table



Heating table bright
patio heater,
inside and outside

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Bright hot table can be used mainly in the evening, on a terrace, in a marquee fight against night freshness.

While warming, customers will have the pleasure to enjoy a light under glass gently with its two low-energy LED sipping a cocktail.

Attractive, it never remains empty and many customers will come back to enjoy it.

It is equipped with a 1600W resistance in carbon fiber with high efficiency heat distributed to 360 °.

Its structure is made of aluminum, fitted with a steel protection grid paint effect.

Its stainless steel foot down on the diameter of 40 cm,

The table top is tempered tinted glass,

The heat is diffused over 3 meters in diameter all around.

It comes with an electrical cord 4m.

This product is listed as new.


Height: 95 cm

Weight: 16 kg

Made in Europe