Rectangular cast iron griddle


Enamel coating

Striated side separates fats

Undermined edges

Can be used on both sides

Simple to use

Rectangular cast iron griddle

3 sizes

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35,00 €

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This griddle provides a tasty and dietetic cooking.

It is very simple to use.

The enamel coating adhesion fight against food and protects against rust and oxidation.

It can be used on both sides.

The edges are dug around to collect the fats.

Striated side separates fat foods.

We must put it on a burner paella.

It can be present directly on the table when serving through the side handles.

CE approved


Made in spain

10.85 kw power Dishes up to 20 cm taller than him Homogeneous heat distribution Output double side fire 30cm paella burner new generation

29,75 € 35,00 € -15%

20-70 cm Supports all models Burner tripod

26,00 €

3 accessories Set griddle Krampouz

39,90 €