Eat standing up, pliable



H 675 mm / 1170 mm

Foldable, easy to install

No cumbersome

Eat standing up

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This eat standing up, folding, is easy to install, easy to transport and compact.

The table top is in the form of a plastic surface.
chrome frame, plug-in system.

It can also serve as extra table.

Use it with a single connection tube be little also.

Stable diameter is 700 mm

Height: 675 mm / 1170 mm

Weight: 9 kg


Cover high table (optional)

This cover is output to high bar.

Give your event a scent of elegance and allow your bar table to attract attention for your celebrations.

Whether in catering, for a catering service or at a private party.

Materials: 90% micro polyester, 10% elastane

White Colour

Designed for top table of 700 mm diameter and 1170 mm in height

Foot 700 mm diameter with exact coating of support 5 feet.

Washable at 40 ° C, wrinkle

Do not tumble dryer

Weight: 0.43 kg