Charm griddle




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frame stainless steel,

enameled cast iron plate


CE approuved

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The plate measures 38 x 38 cm, sound burner chrome steel,

It is approved and certified for outdoor use.

Its supply is butane or propane gas.

Built in stainless steel, offers durability and easy cleaning.

The cast iron plate can be removed and the griddle stainless steel can be used as a traditional burner with the pan support supplied.

It has so handles on the sides for easy movement.

It is a maximum precision in terms of firing temperature.

Attractive and modern, very nice visually.

It is with CE standards.


Height 15 cm

Width 38 cm

Length 38 cm

Weight 12 kg

Power 3000 Watts


The secrets of success :

To cook the food inside, cover with dome lid.

Marinades is indispensable assured success.

Deglaze the end of the cooking plate with lemon juice, soy sauce, wine, alcohol to flavor food.

Spices and seasonings added too soon, burn and offer no flavor.

To verify that it is warm enough, throw a few drops of water on it, it is necessary that balls roll on the plate.

To verify that it is not too hot drizzle with olive oil, if it occurs smoke, the plate is too hot.

The meat is cooked to 250 ° Celsius, the fish and vegetables at 220 ° C.


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Made in italia