Paella burner 30cm "evolution"



10.85 kw power

Dishes up to 20 cm taller than him

Homogeneous heat distribution

Output double side fire

30cm paella burner new generation

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This burner paella improved model is stamped steel set, enameled to protect it.

The output of the flames is double side

Homogeneous heat distribution.

He slower calamine

His life much longer.

Butane or propane gas

10.85 kw power

Use for dishes up to 20 cm more than him.

One ramp and one tap with simmering position

Diameter of 30 cm.

It can be used to heat dishes up to 20 cm taller than him.

Pressure: 37 mbar Flow rate: 1.5 kg / h For domestic gas appliances Fixed pressure regulators for bottles