Secure payment
Several possibilities :

1 - Card or PayPal account:

Regalo has chosen Paypal which meets all safety requirements.

- You do not have a Paypal account, you can pay by bank card to open one. (Check in payment)

- You have a Paypal account, you can login to their website and pay with your PayPal balance (or map to supply).

Comes back:

With PayPal, you are delivered back, shipping included.
Coverage applies worldwide and covers your purchases 100% unlimited ceiling. This protection is free.

E-Transaction Certification:

The PCI DSS is a standard written jointly by the Carte Bleue / Visa and Eurocard / MasterCard.

It includes recommendations to ensure the security of confidential information held by companies such as credit card numbers.

3D Secure:

A new operational safety standard in France. It aims to reduce the risk of fraud, through a procedure of authentication of the card holder with their bank when paying by internet.

This system is developed by the two credit card networks:

visa-mastercard logo-logo

It is based on verification of information known only by the holder of the card (like the 4-digit code), which is required by his bank in transactions on the web.

Your security for you customers Regalo:

* The number of the bank card is entered on a secure PayPal page, so it is not known Regalo.
* The information is encrypted (SSL)
* The card number is never printed entirely on invoice slips for payment.

How to verify that you are in encrypted mode?

* A secure transaction is controlled by the presence of a closed padlock icon:
* The browser address should begin with https: //

How it works ?

You can place your order on the site Regalo with payment by credit card or other.

* If you choose a payment by card, you are automatically redirected to a secure page of Paypal payment.

* In this case, you fill in the information necessary for the transaction: Card number, expiry date, 3 digit code crypto.

* Paypal queries your bank to verify the validity of the data (existence and validity of the card and the solvency of the carrier) to obtain a debit authorization.

* The Bank sends to PayPal's authorization or refusal of your payment and notify you. Whatever the amount of the transaction, debit authorization request is automatically sent to the bank of the cardholder.

2 - banquaire Transfer:

send operation or transfer money between two bank accounts in national or international (see your bank or computer network).

Bank details will be provided Regalo current order. (RIB, IBAN, SWIFT).

3 - Administrative Mandate:

Means of payment to meet the constraints of governments and communities. This payment method is available to institutions under public accounting.

4 - Cash Mandate:

The money order is used to transfer cash from any Post Office in France.
It allows you to adjust your purchase Regalo even if you do not have a bank account.
The funds are available the day after the deposit. In the quarter-hour following for urgent cash warrant (reasonably priced).
It is capped at € 1,500 but you can make more.

4 - check:

To the order of: Ets Laporte
Address: 9, rue Georges Lehmann - 31130 Balma - France

Regalo you can shop with peace of mind