Churros horizontal extruder



5 lever arm

Conical tank

Stainless steel stool


Extruder churros.


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This churros machine is a horizontal pulp press.
His body is made of stainless steel 18/8.
Five lever arm fixed end of the central axis are used to cause a rotary motion to a worm which drives a rack.
Inside a polyethylene piston pushes the dough to evacuate in the fryer.
On top of a conical stainless steel tank used to insert the dough.
A bent steel tube guide the dough to the fryer.
A key is provided to disassemble for cleaning.
Surcharge and optional the machine can be supplied with a stainless steel stool support with four casters for easy moving.
Length 800 mm
Width 500 mm
Height 1500 mm with stool
Capacity 15 kg of dough in the conical tank
Made in Spain

Thermal insulationWithout technician to essential.Easy to use,Fryer churros

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28 cm long Strainer churros

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CE approvedOnly 380 voltsRemovable electric head3 minutes it's ready to fry againTemperature control thermostat.Fryer churros

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