Churros fryer electric FE


CE approved

Only 380 volts

Removable electric head

3 minutes it's ready to fry again

Temperature control thermostat.

Fryer churros

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His power head is removable and this resistance is armored and removable for easy cleaning into the container.
The adjustable thermostat allows you to adjust the cooking temperature from 50 ° to 200 ° Celsius.
When the thermostat is 200° Celsius,  as soon as the oil loses some degrees, the resistance starts to operate automatically to return to 200 ° in 45 seconds.
These thermostat models cut and come back inside an same cycle. Within a range of 3 minutes it's ready to fry again.
It has an oil drain valve.
A safety thermostat automatically cuts power beyond 238 ° Celsius and the restart is done manually.
After removal heating resistance, safety disconnect the power,  in accordance with CE standards.
Four wheels make moving.
Must hang the extruder machine on another independent support of the fryer.
The small plate and protection grid on resistance are included, also the round cover stainless
It is sold in 14 or 22 liters to choose at the order. 
Capacity FE-70 : 14 liters, FE-80 : 22 liters
Height : 800 mm
Width FE-70 :700 mm, FE-80: 800 mm
Length FE-70 : 700 mm, FE-80: 800 mm
Power FE-70 : 10,000 watts, FE-80: 13,000 wattsVoltage : 380 volts
Made in Spain

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