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Thermal insulation

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This fryer churros is sold in 8, 14 or 22 liters.
The body is made of stainless steel.
Its internal gas burner is equipped with a thermocouple safety device for the finish cut of the gas in case of accidental instinction flame.
This internal gas burner is empowered 40-47 Kw
The two fireplaces at the rear of the fryer are used to evacuate burned gases and hang the press (churros machine).
Power is supplied by butane or propane gas bottle.
One valve on the back, serves to remove waste oils.
Initially it takes less than 15 minutes for the oil reaches 118 to 120° Celsius. Then these temperature remains stable without user intervention. Because it is pre-set at the factory.
FG models are equipped with thermal insulation chamber.
Four wheels facilitate its movement.
FG-60 Power: 28 kilowatts, FG-70: 38 kilowatts
Weight 70 kg
FG-60 Length: 600mm, FG-70: 700 mm FG-80: 800mmWidth FG - 60: 600 mm
FG-70: 700 mm FG-80: 800mm
Height 800 mm
FG 60 Capacity: 8 liters, FG-70: 14 liters, FG-80: 22 liters
Consumption 40000 kcal / h
Automatic ignition by push button
Options to choose :
TERM : temperature indicator Thermometers Temperature 218 to 220 ° Celsius
TFR : lid
Made in Spain

28 cm long Strainer churros

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For fryer churros 2 sizes square cover

210,00 €

12 liters Intended for transportation Cover provides protection Security Liaison Insulated handles AirflowBucket for waste oils

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Pot diameter 9cm Capacity 3 liters Adjustable Manual injection Stuffer

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65 cm diameter Rounded Flat bottom Rounded edges Maybe perched on tripod Ring in the upper part. Drainer churros

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78 cm high Pallet 85 cm high. Stainless steel support Pallets to knead dough churros

130,00 €

To put on work plan Upper perforated filter Drainer churros 2 sizes

260,00 €

95 cm height 50 or 65 cm diameter Bac kneading Stainless / Gloss finish Rounded bottom facilitates work Stainless tripod 20 mm Petrin hand tripod dough churros

320,00 €

Pressure regulator fixed Propane bottle

48,50 €

1,50m length Mechanical coupling nut Domestic flexible Butane and propane

23,50 €