Fryer electric table churros


CE approved

- 220 volts only three-phases or 380 volts

Diving with resistance in the tray

Resistance can be removed for cleaning

With wired electrical box

Fryer churros

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This fryer has just container to fry that must be placed on a table or built into a worktop.
Electrical resistance is immersed in the container bottom oil for heat.
Inside and on the sides of the container, it is engraved two features to allow you to visualize the oil level is sufficient.
The amount of oil should be between 14 and 22 liters.
This resistance can be easy removed to drain the used oil while facilitating the container bottom cleaning.
There is no drain valve so you will need to lift and tilt the container to drain.
The set comes with a wired electrical box to connect to a power supply 220 or 380 volt three phase only.
The metal case after the resistance has a push button on / off and a thermostat for temperature adjustment.
So you can keep the temperature recommended by the manufacturer around 200 degrees Celsius.
Electrical schematics is provided to enable you to make the connections.
A limiter prevents overheating by automatically switching off the power not to exceed 238 ° Celsius.
This device complies CE standards.
Temperature 218 to 220 °
Power 40 kilowatts or 47 kilowatts
Length 700 or 800 mm
Width 700 or 800 mm
Height 780 mm
14 or 22 liters capacity
Consumption 35000 kcal / h or 40,000 kcal / h
Made in Spain

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