Churros extruder 3kg


Professional manual

Chimney or wall mounting

Full stainless steel vessel

"Knife" option

Gear piston

Press churros 3kg

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This machine is equipped with a gear, a piston and a stainless steel vase of quality 18/8.
At the bottom, in the chromium-plated brass ferrule, inserted star-shaped capsules
The machine must be hung on a wall or on a mast by means of the suspension arm provided.
If necessary, think of ordering the wall mounting kit (KITAI), not all users need it.
It can also be hooked to the chimney of a deep fryer.
By turning the handle with its red handles, the dough will flow into your deep fryer.
The dough can be cut with a pair of scissors at the exit, to make stretches
The "knife" option avoids splashing of boiling oil on the cook's hands.
This churros press can be equipped with 2 different vase models to choose from.
- V2KF vase for 1 or 2 outflows of dough maximum and for hollow churros to fill.
- V3KF vase for 3, 4 or 5 outflows.
Capacity: up to 3 kg of dough
Height: 840 mm
Width: 340 mm
Weight: 19 kg
Depth: 660 mm
Made in Spain

28 cm long Strainer churros

31,00 €

 Wall mounting For DC2K and DC3K Kit press churros

70,20 €

Tip churros press 6 branches.

33,15 €

Fill, Stuff Tip hollow churros

60,00 €

Tip 2 outputs Extruder churros 2 impressions Star 8 branches

52,80 €

To churros extruder DC3KPo adapt3, 4 or 5 outputsVase capacity 3 kg

357,60 €