Paddle to knead dough churros



78 cm high

Pallet 85 cm high.

Stainless steel support

Pallets to knead dough churros

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These utensils are used to manipulate the churros in the bath and fried for prétrir paste manually.

This set includes 3 wooden pallets in a stainless steel base diameter 11.5 cm and 32 cm high.

The pallet kneading dough, measuring 85.5 cm high.

The two wooden sticks measuring 78 cm high.

This work for the churros in the Spanish way.

28 cm long Strainer churros


12 liters Intended for transportation Cover provides protection Security Liaison Insulated handles AirflowBucket for waste oils


Pot diameter 9cm Capacity 3 liters Adjustable Manual injection Stuffer


65 cm diameter Rounded Flat bottom Rounded edges Maybe perched on tripod Ring in the upper part. Drainer churros


95 cm height 50 or 65 cm diameter Bac kneading Stainless / Gloss finish Rounded bottom facilitates work Stainless tripod 20 mm Petrin hand tripod dough churros