Potato ovens

Potato ovens 

Seduce with the special flavor of potatoes baked.

Cooked to perfection, well presented it is better to sell.

Knowledge and simple operator actions.

Supply by easy size.

limited operating costs, economic.

Public attraction.

2 640,00 €

Attractive Interior or exterior Cooking to perfection 45 potatoes 250 grams Gas oven potatoes 

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2 370,00 €

85 potatoes 4 resistors long term Even cooking Electric oven potatoes

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4 345,00 €

Polyvalent May be incorporated into existing trolleys 230 potatoes Stainless steel thick Fronts resistant drawer Gas oven

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1 400,00 €

Unique in it's genre 30 potatoes Double bath Thermostatic regulator Glass Display Screen Oven, heater, water bath Electric potato post

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2 280,00 €

Stable and comprehensive work plan. Front black awning easy to install. Bath 4 containers of 6 liters each. Tray keeps cool. Counter equipped for potatoes station.

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10 100,00 €

Ultimate furnaces contractor. Ready for transportation and use. Attractive presentation, delicious aroma. Easy to use and cheap. Hot drinks provided. Oven potatoes traveling. Certifications CE-ET - ISO 9001

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