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The potato comes from america for over 8000 years

Before eating it, the peeling allows to remove the still green parts of the tuber, to eliminate the solanine, present in the skin, which can cause poisoning, while digging sometimes deep inside the flesh, the eyes which are at the birth of germs.
Manual peeling of the potato can be traditional for the preparation of a very large amount of recipes.

For some, it represents a chore, for others the satisfaction of succeeding peeling by a spiral movement of the knife around the tuber.

The modern varieties, which produce very smooth tubercles, with very superficial eyes, have fortunately facilitated this task because thin peeling is difficult, even with a good turn of the hand, the knife generally carries with the skin a chip of flesh.

Created in a spirit of economy, special tools have overcome the problem by the use of stainless steel blades while avoiding chores.

It must be done just before cooking, because the peeled potato left in the air oxidizes even dipped waiting in the water, loses its minerals its vitamins, and is covered with a kind of microbial down.

Effective techniques have been developed by the industry to peel large quantities of tubers by limiting losses and waste that must then be recycled, usually in animal feed.
In communities, highly efficient electric peeling machines are used that peel abrasion.

The potato can be cooked whole, or cut into pieces, in rolls, thin strips (for chips), parallelepipeds, spheres; turning or fluting it improves the presentation. Depending on the choice, a suitable material is preferably used: if the kitchen knife is sufficient, the mandolin, the canneleur, the Parisian apple spoon and the French fries facilitate the work.

The equipment used to shape french fries has changed considerably since the nineteenth century. It was done initially with a simple knife with wooden handle and steel blade that oxidized quickly. The use of stainless steel and plastic facilitated the maintenance of the object.

The mechanical or electric chip cutter then reduced the time of the cut and allowed the calibration of the dish.
They peel by abrasion, in that the food surface by friction.
The abrasive used is highly resistant and long lasting.

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Delight your guests with home fries

2 models fit on fryers churros we offer

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Electric professional 4 or 8 litres2 sizes to choose

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8 litersPropane / butaneSprinklers supplied natural gasL 400 x P 650Drain ValveTable fryer gas

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Voltage 230 V Suitable for professional use Rounded corners

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8 liters Stainless steel cover Table gas fryer

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Table gas fryer

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The powerful induction technology ensures an ideal and constant temperature. The food is fried in a very precise way which allows to obtain an optimal result.

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Height 700 mm 350 Production potatoes / hour Capacity 10 kgs Micro-mechanical safety Easy maintenance Abrasive wear-resistant Stainless steel Electric peeler potatoes.

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Adjustable wall bracket for hanging the machine Hangs on the fryers of the same brand Housing and bin potatoes stainless steel 3 blades cutting disc Professional cutter fries

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Manual cut potatoesTo be hang

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Easy maintenance Grids different cutting Grids 7, 9 and 14 mm Grid to cut fruit Cup as onions, peppers, carrots, tomatoes. Cutter fries professional manual

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Attractive Interior or exterior Cooking to perfection 45 potatoes 250 grams Gas oven potatoes 

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85 potatoes 4 resistors long term Even cooking Electric oven potatoes

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Polyvalent May be incorporated into existing trolleys 230 potatoes Stainless steel thick Fronts resistant drawer Gas oven

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Unique in it's genre 30 potatoes Double bath Thermostatic regulator Glass Display Screen Oven, heater, water bath Electric potato post

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Stable and comprehensive work plan. Front black awning easy to install. Bath 4 containers of 6 liters each. Tray keeps cool. Counter equipped for potatoes station.

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Ultimate furnaces contractor. Ready for transportation and use. Attractive presentation, delicious aroma. Easy to use and cheap. Hot drinks provided. Oven potatoes traveling. Certifications CE-ET - ISO 9001

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