Regalo offers you a complete line of professional products to help in the preparation of your meals, snacks, sweet or savory.
The fast food and traditional restaurant sector is very demanding for food related businesses. It is a profession that is subject to various standards regarding hygiene and safety, and requires prodigious amounts of work. Consequently, it is very important to equip your business with professional equipment specializing in your specific business activity whether it's for snackfoods, fast food, restaurants, attractions.

Snacks: a wide choice of professional products

Opening up a snack stand or restaurant means buying professional equipment that is adapted to your needs. To choose the best material, you must know exactly what kind of snacks you would like to sell, and you must be very familiar with your workspace to be certain that all equipment finds its correct place and can easily be used when preparing food. If you are not sure about what to choose do not hesitate to contact one of our consultants who can help you select the right machine for your establishment.

For the purchase or lease of your snack machinery, we can offer equipment that is of professional quality with the brand, Krampouz. Whether you're looking for a churro machine, a fryer or window display (refrigerated or heated), we have the product that corresponds to your needs with a worthwhile ratio of quality to price.

Do not make the mistake of incorrectly equipping your business from the very beginning. Choose to invest in a commercial crêpe maker or professional waffle maker in place of using regular, household appliances that will not help you achieve your profit goals and will soon be out-of-order. In fact, with Regalo, the professional equipment is not only priced reasonably but also, the products are of excellent quality.

Traditional restaurant equipment for active professional restaurant kitchens

We also furnish machines and equipment specifically for restaurant kitchens. All of our products comply with high standard requirements and are of professional quality. Be sure to verify the blueprints of your kitchen before ordering your oven, steamers or grill in order to be assured that all machinery fits well within its boundaries. Our team is available for you for consultation upon purchase of your professional restaurant materials and machinery.

The guarantees offered by regalo

We have researched the suppliers for you that offer the best, most efficient and well-performing professional equipment dedicated to fast food and traditional restaurants. The best brands for snacks, like Krampouz, are listed on our site in order to offer you the highest quality snack machinery. We would like to offer our clients products with a favorable ratio of quality to price and want to demonstrate that high quality does not necessarily mean high prices.

We take great care of our products up until the point of their delivery. The packaging is extremely thick and sturdy which can also support and protect the interior.

Our team is in charge of customer service after your purchase for brands offered on our online catalog. Do not hesitate to contact us.