Paella burner Pro 70 cm "precision"


Better combustion

Longer flame spread

Heater powerful and plentiful

High gas flow

Optim patented system

One integrated thermocouple

From blocking

Paella burner 70 cm Pro

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390,00 €

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This burner TT series of professional paella can be used indoors.

Inside to burner

Robust with a larger gas chamber and more powerful.

Authorised inrérieur

Safety valve with integrated thermocouple.

Witness burner

Safe on all the rings

Independent use of the rings.

One thermocouple

Stopcock with needle.

Does not clog.

Best flame control to maximum and minimum

Patented system "Optim"

Greater gas flow

Heater more powerful and plentiful.

Lateral arrangement of the home.

Greater diffusion flame

Better combustion

Recommended diameter of paella pan:

1 lit Rings - 40-50 cm.

2 rings lit - 65 to 80 cm - capacity 50 to 150 liters.

3 rings lit is 90-115 cm - capacity 150 to 200 liters.

  Gas used Working pressure Kw  / Kcal/h ConsumptionNumber of rings 
TT700G30Butane 29 mbar 24.31  / 20.937 1,92 kg/h 3
TT700 G31 Propane  37 mbar24.31  / 20.937 1,89 kg/h 3
TT700G31Propane50 mbar31.17 / 26.8452,42 kg/h3
TT700 G20 Natural gas       20 mbar28.74  / 24.7523,04 m³/h  3


The burner should be used by professionals in perfectly airy interiors. Do not use the burner for a gas for which it was not designed.

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