Oven professional pizza


High power resistors.
refractory bricks.
Pizza oven
2 sizes to choose
Rustic pizza ovens

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This professional electric pizza oven includes a

viewing window on the front face,

a base of the furnace refractory bricks,

with interior door glass heat resistant.

Its interior is lit,

it features high power resistors for high productions

two regulation thermostat,

a temperature control gauge,

a thermostat stop walking.

There is a shelf inside.

Largeur(4P30-RU) : 910 mm, (6P30-RU : 1060 mm)
Profondeur(4P30-RU) : 820 mm, (6P30-RU) : 890 mm
Poids(4P30-RU) : 60 kg, (6P30-RU) : 70 kg
Puissance(4P30-RU) : 4,2 kw, (6P30-RU) : 7,2 kw
Hauteur430 mm
Tension380 V