BBQ stainless steel column



Protection against wind

Swivel drawer pocket

BBQ stainless steel

with ash catcher,

drawer ignition

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This grill has many advantages in addition to its particularly successful design.

The principal is above all, its structure is made entirely of stainless steel including the cooking grate, allowing him to fully optimize its life, malgrés repeated exposure to the elements.

At the top ember tray is surrounded on three sides by sheets of protection against wind and dust, while also serving as a height-adjustable support of the cooking grate.

Like the kangaroo, its central column is provided with a pivoting drawer Container bag, under the fiery pit, to enter a sheet of paper, fuel, thereby turning quickly and safely charcoal.

This pocket container is also designed to facilitate the draw thanks to a lower air inlet.

Actually practice it withdraws from its housing after use to evacuate the ash all clean.

In the bottom of the column also appreciates the presence of a screened housing for storing tools or charcoal.

Hauteur78 cm
Largeur30 cm
Poids6 kg
Longueur48 cm