Worktop crepe

Removable, they improve the general appearance and cleanliness of the workplace. They integrate all the equipment necessary for efficiency advantage. They rest on a table, countertop ... The cleaning of all the elements is facilitated.

Planchas chariot
Krampouz, usine française de produits de qualité possède également sa gamme d'accessoires plancha.
Waffle makers worktop
Krampouz wafle makers carts The entire range of carts can be used indoors or outdoors: patio, sidewalk, market, camping ... The range we offer ranges from simple carts full versions incorporating different equipment. All Krampouz carts are customizable.
Crepe carts

Indoor or outdoor use: (top) Terrace, sidewalk market, camping ... Cart crepe removable equipment (bottom)

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 Removable worktop Krampouzfor 1 crepe maker

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945,00 €

Worktop 2 crepe makersKrampouz

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265,00 €

Polyvalent Upscale Cart plancha Krampouz

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2 365,00 €

Length 1440 mm Provided for: Griddle - CEBIA4 Waffle handle 180 ° U - WECB Removable equipment Easy cleaning Duo work plan Pancakes / Waffles

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1 900,00 €

Worktop two crepe makers removable equipment Krampouz

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4 800,00 €

Stainless steel casing with decor Anti-graffiti protection Crepe carts

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